Shur Strike Darters

31 Jan

Shur Strike darters seem to be a very under-rated lures. Creek Chub had tremendous success with their main line darters, and they probably sold more darters than any other manufacturer by a long shot.

Creek Chub version at top, Shur Strike on bottom

However the Shur Strike darter was not nearly as common, and often mis-identified. One of the easiest ways to identify the Shur Strike darter is by the color and the style. The Shur Strike color patterns are dead give aways like this pikie scale model below.

Pikie Scale Shur Strike Darter

The style was similar to the main line darter but also different. The head was thicker, and had a deeper angle. They style is similar to Paw Paw, but as you can see the mouth was wider than the Paw Paw mouth. Also, the Shur Strike will always have a washer under the line tie, and the Paw Paw will not. They are both about 4 inches long so that makes it difficult as well to differentiate.

Paw Paw on left, Shur Strike on right

Shur Strike daters always have gold around the black pupil of the eye, but that alone will not confirm. You need to make sure of the head, mouth, color, and line tie to confirm.

Collecting all the colors can make a great display, so start looking, you never know where you will find them.

Shur Strike Darter Collection

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