Whats in a name?

25 Apr

Creek Chub was not big on names when starting the Shur Strike line.  If fact, the names they gave to the first series of lures were as generic as your ABC’s!

The lures were named style A, B, C, etc.  They really did not care since they were not marketing the lures to the public. The Shur Strike line was sold through tackle stores, and catalog companies, and it was up to the retailer to brand and market the lures.

Style A has been nicknamed Slant Nose

Some retailers like Gateway Sporting goods took it to a high level by creating a special box, and labeling each lure with a name.

Gateway Stenciled Mouse and special box

Some retailers would order special boxes, but would not name the lures. Vee Bee lures by Voedisch Brothers was a good example of this type of marketing.

Vee Bee Bass Oreno lure

Most would just order the Shur Strike lures in the boxes that CCBCO provided for Shur Strike Minnows. Either way, the retailer had a high quality lure that they could sell a very affordable price. Lures were mostly priced at around 39 cents, which was significanlty under the regular CCBCO lures.

In the late 30’s CCBCO started labeling the lures with names like BO series or MO Series. The BO was a copy of the highly successful Bass Oreno by South Bend. The MO was a copy of the CCBCO main line Mouse lure.

A lot of the names that have been given to Shur Strike lures were in fact made up by collectors. The early lures like the Style H was dubbed the Shovel Nose, and the Style G the Slope Nose. These names made the lures more interesting to collect and stuck.

Shovel Nose lure

If you look back at the sales of Shur Strike lures you can see that they had no trouble selling lures back in the late 30’s and early 40’s since they were putting out as many as 3000 Shur Strikes a day! I guess the name was not important, and price was!

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