Shur Strike Fly Rod Lures

17 Jun

The Shur Strike fly rod lures are a misunderstood group of lures. The most common fly rod lures made under the Shur Strike brand, are the Trout and Fly Orenos. These were direct copies of the successful South Bend lures.

A lot of collectors have a hard time telling these apart from South Bend. There is a simple way……take a look at the eyes!  Shur Strike used a gold eye around the pupil. Colors will also help you confirm the Shur Strike brand, but sometimes, a lure like the red/white will have to be determined by the eyes.

Shur Strike used cup rigging on the earlier Trout Oreno or TO lures, and wire rigging on the later models. The FO or Fly Oreno always had wire rigging.

Another Shur Strike Fly lure is the Fly Rod Rivermaster. This is very tough to find, and can sell for hundreds depending on condition.

The boxes the TO and FO lures came in are extremely hard to find. First, they were sold in the CCBCO intro fly rod boxes in the early 30’s. These can fetch $250 or more. Later CCBCO sold the TO and FO in generic boxes with just the number code on the end. These were made out out of cardboard and did not hold up that well. Still, they can fetch $50-$100 to the right buyer.

One reason there are not that many boxes, is that a lot of these lures were sold on dealer displays and no boxes accompanied the lures. Another is the fact that they were small and not very durable.

Color collecting the TO and FO can be fun, since they are relatively cheap, but be aware some of the tougher colors like yellow/black can go for $100 plus.

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