Andy Anderson’s Sporting Goods

23 Nov

Creek Chub sold many of their lures under private retailer brands. This was not uncommon among fishing manufacturers, and was a common practice on reels, lures, and other tackle.

Creek Chub used it Shur-Strike brand to market to these retailers so they could have an affordable product they could sell under the store name.

Andy Anderson’s was a sporting goods retailer in Oklahoma City.  They sold several different Shur-Strike style and colors under their brand called “Andy’s Lures”, with a stencil of the “andy’s Lures” on the lures.

They also took it a step further by putitng a personalized card in the Shur-Strike box with information about the lures.

I have found several styles with the Andy’s stencil, including the Floating HR, Short Jointed River Runt, Long Jointed River Runt, and the Plunker.

Below is the actual Stencil used, that was obtained by Andy Howe from Derek Heinzerling.

If you have any of these lures, I would love to hear about them, and of course if you have any for sale, I am always buying!

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