24 Dec

The Small Dude……Overlooked?

Painted Eye lures just don’t seem to get the recognition that their glass eye brethren get. I can understand that from a aesthetic point of view, but when you look at the colors that some of these came in, they are wowsers!

The Small Dude was a new lure for the Shur Strike catalog in 1941, but some were made in 1940. New colors for the Shur Strike brand were also introduced on this lure.

#20 White Scale

#41  Blue Back

#42  Goldfish

#43 Spotted

With these wild colors, these lures are fantastic display items. I am not sure how these colors fished, but probably were meant to catch the fisherman’s eye rather than the fish!

From the Shur Strike production records, I was able to find the # of lures made from 1940-1944 for the Small Dude. Here is the list by most popular to least. How many colors do you have? I have the top 11, but am missing the final 7. As you can see by the amount made, some are extremely scarce and maybe some are extinct! A lot of surprises on colors……. hard to believe Goldfish was the most common color made on this lure, almost doubling Red/White!

42  Goldfish        6518

41   Blueback      6514

02 Red/White   3744

1YP Perch           3476

20 White Scale  1966

43 Pearl              1912

18 Silver Flash  1834

19 Frog               1555

0  Pikie              1466

05 Red Side      916

15 Straw Spot   817

11 Black White 207

08 Rainbow      165

13 Black             67

06 Shiner Sc     27

14 Ch. Perch     24

01 Peanut But   21

16 RH Shiner    4

I got to believe this lure was great fish catcher. Plastics were on the market back in the early 40’s, but not in abundance. The size, shape, and basic colors like perch, pikie, and red/white had to do well on bass.

A lot of the big retailers that Creek Chub sold through during this time, like Gateway, Bingham, and Western Auto, did not carry the Small Dude according to their catalogs. I did however, find the “Dude” in the Tryon Kingfisher catalog of 1941.

I guess you can say this little lure found a hard time getting some respect.

DUDE Video

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