Those Eyes……….

13 Feb

Creek Chub produced many different eyes on their Shur-Strike line. An interesting note is that they oferred tack eyes as an option on the Shur-Strike line well before they oferred it on the main line of Creek Chubs. Tack eyes were an option on the Shur-Strike line in the late 30’s, and tack eyes were not an option on the Creek Chub lures. Creek Chub did not transition to tack eyes until 1960.

Shur-Strike lures were produced in 4 different eye styles. Glass, tack, pressed, and painted. In fact, the most rare style of eye is the pressed eye. Some lures like the darter were always done with just painted eyes. However, the River Runt, was pruduced in glass, tack, and pressed. The Baby Pike was produced in glass, tack, and painted eyes.

It is interesting how some lures may be extemely rare, but never seem to obtain a very high value. The pressed eye River Runt is a very good example. It goes unoticed in the collecting world, but is by far the most rare version of the runt style lures.

Glass Eye Shur-Strike

Tack Eye Shur-Strike

Pressed Eye River Runts

Painted Eye Baby Pikie Lures


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