Gateway Lures

30 Mar

Gateway Sporting Goods was a large retail sporting goods store and catalog company out of Kansas City Missouri.  Their main store resided AT 1928-34 Main St. in the old downtown area. They contracted with Creek Chub to buy Shur-Strike lures from 1939-the mid forties.


Gateway wanted to brand their lures, so they had Creek Chub create these beautiful custom two piece cardboard boxes for their lures. They also wanted the fisherman to remember where they got the lure when they started using it, so they stenciled their name on the back of the lures.

Gateway Lures and Boxes

Gateway had a fairly extensive line of Shur-Strike lures ranging from Pikies, to Runts, and even the Mouse lure.  Some Gateways will have glass eyes and some had tack. I would think they started with glass and transitioned to tack in the later years. Boxes were the same throughout the years, and it seems they were loyal to Creek Chub for these branded lures. I have not found any other manufacturer’s lures in these style boxes.

The numbering system they used on the boxes was very similar to the normal Shur-Strike numbering system. For instance, a River Runt lure in Pikie color was numbered RR-0, and a Baby Pikie lure in rainbow would be numbered BP-8.

Gateway still gave their customers bargain prices, selling lures for as low as 39 cents each. Boxes are quite collectible, and lures in the correct boxes are tough to find. A correct combo may fetch as much as $200.

One Response to “Gateway Lures”

  1. Christopher March 29, 2013 at 2:43 am #

    Holy cow! My grandfather had a lot of these! He had them in his office with boxes! Thanks for the article, I need to see if I can find them!

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