1973 Bassmaster Classic

13 Jan

Hunting for old fishing tackle is something you have to put some time into to find the good stuff. What I mean by good stuff, is relative to the collector, but everyone who does collect will know when you stumble on that one thing that will make your day, week or year! 

Sometimes, it is not something you are seeking out, but something that you just run across and it hits you….. this is it!

I had one of those experiences recently, when on a cold rainy day in Florida, we decided to put down the fishing rods, and go hunting for fishing tackle. The search led us to an antique mall in Arcadia Florida. We found a few things, but nothing earth shattering when my wife Sharon, started looking through one of those electric revolving displays, and sure enough something interesting turned up….

It was a non discreet fishing patch that may normally go un-noticed, but this one was different….very different. It was from the 1973 Bass Master Classic, and not only a patch to commemorate the 3rd Classic, but the winner’s patch……the late Rayo Breckenridge’s Classic winning patch. Talk about a one of a kind find that marks one of the most prestigious events in fishing history!
rayo patch1

I wasn’t sure I had exactly what I thought I had until I went home and did some research. I found this January 1974 magazine, and sure enough, pinned to Rayo’s chest, was the patch!
rayo mag Being a Bassmaster fan I just have to do this patch justice, and I am going to put it together with a display that commemorates the occasion. In order to do that, I needed to find out more about this tournament. After watching the video that BASS produced for TV, I found out that Rayo caught his fish on the 6 inch Mann’s Jelly worm in Strawberry. He also caught fish on the Wooly Bully spinnerbait, and the Norman Little Scooper.

I will be searching high and low to complete the display with the lures, magazine, and a Mann’s patch from the 70’s. This is what makes collecting fun, the hunt continues!

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