TO Spot The Misunderstood Shur-Strike Trout Oreno

1 Jul


Several years ago I saw an Ebay auction with several Shur-Strike TO style Fly Rod lures come up for auction. I had a decent collection on these, but two of these were quite different looking colors. At first glance, I thought a few South Bend TO lures were mixed up with the Shur-Strike, which is quite common, as these lures look very similar. After zooming in, I could tell that the ones with the South Bend colors, appeared to be Shur Strike lures!to spotted 006My collection of Shur-Strike Trout Oreno Lures

After getting the lures home, and looking them over carefully, I confirmed they were indeed Shur-Strike Trout Oreno Style lures. Why would Creek Chub copy the South Bend Yellow Spotted color, and the South Bend Rainbow? The only logical explanation would be because a certain retailer that Creek Chub sold the Shur-Strike line to, requested it. Creek Chub would always give you what you want, as long as you bought a dozen or more!

Lets compare the two lure style bodies so you can tell the difference:

The Shur-Strike lure is at the top in the picture below. As you can see, the design of the mouth is quite different. A longer sloping mouth area gives it a different look. Also the hardware used is different. Shur-Strike used the “thin wire through” and South Bend used a thicker style.  Both used cup hardware on some, and it appears the older Shur-Strike will have the cup.  Shur-Strike used the “gold eye” on most of their standard color TO lures but not all of them! On a special, they painted as the customer requested…..

to spotted 012

to spotted 014to spotted 013

Below is a South Bend TO lure with the thicker style hook hanger.TO Spot 001

In order to take it a little further, I was able to look at the Shur-Strike production records to see if I had an entry on these two lures. And sure enough, on April 16th 1940, they produced 100 TO Special spotted 009

They ended up producing just over 1000 of these TO Spot lures over the years of production where I have records. I finally found one recently, new in the original marked box, to further validate this lure!to spotted 007

The Shur-Strike TO in the South Bend Rainbow color was not produced nearly as much as the Spotted, so finding a box will be difficult if not impossible.TO Spot 003

There are many other specials in my collection such as the black/white, all white, and very tough black spotted color. Some standard Shur-Strike colors will also turn up on the TO lures that were not cataloged for this bait like the yellow/black and the yellow/ spotted 006

The boxes on these baits are very hard to find. They are very flimsy cardboard, so I believe a lot of them over time just got destroyed. Creek Chub also sold the Shur-Strike TO brand to retailers on large display cards, so some of them did not ever have a box.

I would love to add more specials to my collection, so if you see any out there, please shoot me a message.


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