Mixing up Creek Chub and Shur-Strike Lures

14 Aug

Most collectors are well aware of the great imagination of Creek Chub lures and specials they created over the years. It was once said, that if you were willing to buy a dozen, Creek Chub would make you a special! I’m not 100% sure that was the truth, but they sure did come out with a lot of specials over the years. 

One of the unique specials that Creek Chub would create was utilizing some of the amazing colors in their economy line, painted on the main line lures. Creek Chub never skimped on their economy Shur-Strike line. They used the same wood, used several coats of paint, and used the same glass eyes as used on the main line. There were some changes in the hardware, and since no flyers or advertising was needed, they could sell at a much cheaper price. 

This Pikie is an example of a how the Creek Chub put a fresh coat on an old lure with this Shur-Strike Shiner Scale (HP) color.  

What a lot of collectors don’t know, is that Creek Chub also used Shur-Strike lures, and painted them in Creek Chub colors, and sold them under the main line! Here’s an example of a Shur-Strike Gar Minnow, painted in Creek Chub Silver Flash new in Creek Chub Box, marked 18.  

These are just a few examples of the amazing specials created by Creek Chub. No wonder they are some fun to collect!

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