Top Ten Shur-Strike Lures

10 Jun

What are the best Shur-Strike lures to collect? Well, this is a completely subjective question, and there is no correct answers here.  Collectors are drawn to Shur-Strike for many reasons. They may love the colors, or the mystique that surrounds the brand, or maybe they just love quality lures…..Yes, the Shur-Strike were the economy line of Creek Chub, but the quality of lures made by Creek Chub were quite evident in the Shur-Strike line. Glass eyes, several coats of quality paint, and durable hardware, made these lures some the finest lures made in the 30’s and 40’s. 

Back to topic… the following is my top ten lure styles that were part of the Shur-Strike line. Hope you enjoy!

#10     The Midget Diver

This lure was exclusively made for Western Auto Stores. western Auto named the lure in their 1942 Catalog and provided 5 different colors. The lure is spinning size Runt Lure, and came in some great new colors made for Western Auto. 

#9     Fly Rod River-Master

This fly rod lure was made in several colors including red/white, red side, Pikie, silver flash, perch. The shape is similar to the regular rivermaster lure, so it must have been introduced after 1939. This lure was not cataloged, and is very hard to come by.  

#8     Concave Belly Darter

This lure style “concave belly” was introduced in the early 30’s, many years before Creek Chub came out with their version.  The glass eyes, and body shape makes this lure very desirable.  

#7     3 Hooker

The line would not be complete without a 3 hook Underwater Minnow.  Most competitors of Creek Chub had underwater multiple hook lures, either 3 hook or 5 hook. I believe this was Creek Chub’s way to compete. 

#6     Gar Minnow

The GM Series was also an Underwater Minnow. It was belly weighted so that it did not float like other lures of its shape like the Heddon Torpedo.  The lure had spinners on front and rear, unless you special ordered it, and Creek Chub would accommodate with one or no spinners. 

#5    Shovel Nose

The Style H or Shovel Nose had a very unique shape. A long sloping nose made it different than any Creek Chub lure, and resembled the Paw Paw/Moonlight lure. Creek Chub may have used the Shur-Strike line to test designs for the main line.  

#4 Sarasota 

This was a direct copy of the main line lure. There has been discussion that the line tie was on the tip of the nose and not under the chin on the Shur-Strike line. So very few of these have turned up, so it was a short lived unsuccessful lure under the Shur-Strike brand. 

#3     Metal Faced Darter

This is one of the most unique Shur-Strike lures. The flat plate attached to the head would give this lure an interesting swimming motion. This lure was not cataloged, so it must have been made for a specific retailer. I have not been able to determine a code # or a retailer that this lure is tied to. 

#2     Round Nose Pikie

The Round Nose Pikie, or #4 as it was listed in the 1933 catalog, was only made for a year or so. It was the “Intro Pikie” so it does hold historical significance. The round head and inserted lip gave it a distinguishable appearance,  much different than the regular line Pikie.  

#1     Lobotomy Wiggler

There is no doubt in my mind this is the #1 Shur-Strike Lure! One of the earliest coming out in 1932, coming in Golden Shiner color, and having such a crazy body style make this lure incredible! Add to that the name Lobotomy Wiggler, and the rarity, and you have the greatest Shur-Strike Lure!


One Response to “Top Ten Shur-Strike Lures”

  1. Richard L Streater October 30, 2020 at 1:32 am #

    I named that bait – lobotomy is a crude brain surgery – streater

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